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The international Film Festival "KineNova Skopje Film Festival" is organized to provide focus on the work of filmmakers from around the world who are just beginning their film careers. Its goal is to discover new authors who are flooding into the world of cinema and give clear support and encouragement to them, but also a space where they will represent and promote their film debut works, especially those by engaged relationship with the topic and the author's approach they can offer and a new more advanced vision of the world in which we live.

The authors of the selected films for the official program will be invited to be part of the festival and would have them present the idea for their films and the cause of empowerment, and thus the festival and the city of Skopje will be the space where new filmmakers will meet and where they trace the film path. Besides the main programming axis of the festival, there will be many additional programs and content that will enrich the festival life and enable film producers to enhance their film knowledge and experience by participating in panel discussions, debates, and masterclass workshops.


INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, which will regularly feature films from all over the world from among a director’s first and second feature films. The idea would be to promote new filmmakers who are making a debut or are only just starting their careers. This program’s goal is to identify and promote anonymous filmmakers’ fresh film stories, giving them a chance at the beginning of their film-making careers.

These regulations govern the submission of all films for the Main Program (Official Selection): It must be the director’s first or second feature film The lapse between the film's premiere and the beginning of the festival must not exceed 24 months.

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