The story behind the name

Why KineNova?

We admit the name at first eluded us, like an indistinct image at the periphery of one’s eye – or at least our vision. We needed a word, an image which would express to all what we were trying to do.

The idea was at least a simple one: to create a film festival that would focus on, and pay homage to, the NEW: new film makers, new writing, new dreamers who dared to make real though their images what they once only imagined.

It is all about new beginnings.

But how to express that? The simplicity behind the idea for KineNova was certainly reassuring. The film makers whose work we want to screen would be relative tyros in movie making; we too were tyros in establishing the festival. And all of us blissfully unaware of all the difficulties that would have to be overcome in making our visions a reality.


Ehm … Perhaps not.

New Beginning Film Festival then?

We didn’t think so.

And then that peripheral image came a little more into focus.

Wait a moment. New … novice … nova. NOVA. Sometimes used with stella or star; often used to describe a new star. We liked this along with all its connotations. From the Latin nova.

NovaFest then?


Except Northern Virginians across the Atlantic were apparently newer than we were and had staked their claim some time before.

No, it had to be something else ...

That peripheral image was now moving too quickly before us to discern what it might be - yet we knew it was there.

Hang on. This is a film festival, right?

It is cinema, okay?

Cinema … from the french for ‘movie hall’, shortened from the French Cinématographe.

God bless those inimitable innovators the brothers Lumiere!

The image was sharpening …

The brothers with their Latinized form of the Greek kinema (movement); from kinein (Greek kino) to move + graphein (grafo) to write.

Cine - …

The image was in focus at last.



KineNova or that what is NEW in the Cinematic art.

Logo Inspiration

How it all came to be!

The inspiration is to connect the festival with the first known motion picture, with our festival which is for new directors, upcomming starst and people that are making their frist steps into the the cinematography world.

This lead to using “The Horse In Motion” illustration and series of photographs, which were later used to make the very first silent film as a source for the base inspiration for KineNova’s logo as it represented the filmfestival to the greatest extent.

Finally our logo was created that would represent the festival in the best possible way, while mainting a fresh and modern design, but in correlation to our concept and goals.